Research Paper Progress

At this point in my research, I am still sorting through my secondary sources. It is that time in the semester when it gets really busy, so my time management skills will definitely be coming into use. What is fortunate, however, is that I am writing a paper in my Philosophy class about the theory of Chinese Feminism, so I’ve been able to build off many of the sources that I am using for this paper (however, I am writing two very distinct papers). I’ve come to find that some of my secondary sources include works written by Chinese feminists throughout the last few decades that focus mostly on theory – this is great for my philosophy paper, but not for this paper. I am still trying to find more articles to fill in gaps in my research and pulling specific stories from the news about the detainment of the “Feminist Five” which will serve as a case study on how the government has reacted to feminist activism in modern China.


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  1. zoeleilana Says:

    In regards to primary sources, have you looked at any artwork, such as the propaganda posters we discussed in class earlier this semester, or films? Are your sources mainly going to be personal accounts or will you include other media as well?