Challenges of Research

When it comes to research projects, I always find myself with three main problems:

The first challenge is the obvious: time management. Research is ultimately a very time consuming task and required a great deal of planning. It is important to spend equal amounts of time going through both primary and secondary sources and taking detailed notes so that it isn’t necessary to go back through each source to find a piece of information. Actually writing a paper, in my opinion, doesn’t take nearly as long as the preparation for writing a research paper, which is why writing out a detailed outline is important. It is also important to stay on top of all your sources, going through them all a little at a time. It is almost impossible to do research the night before, which is why time management is so essential.

The second challenge I usually face is remaining unbiased. Sometimes I choose topics out of interest, and have to be aware of my own bias going into it. Sometime if one thinks they already know the answer to their research question, they will omit sources and scholarship that disproves that hypothesis. This ultimately leads to a biased paper. Sometime I find myself steering myself towards the sources that agree with my initial thoughts, and I have to actively go through and make sure I am pulling from a wide range of sources to stop myself from picking a choosing information that works best for my idea.

Finally, I usually find myself choosing topics too broad for the paper length. Sometimes I get passionate about a project and I want to write too much. This is why I have to focus my topic on a specific time frame or case so that I can do the topic justice in the amount of space I am given.


One Response to “Challenges of Research”

  1. skeene Says:

    My professors are always telling me to narrow down my topic, because sometimes I have so much I want to talk about and other times it’s because I know the general idea, but I still don’t know what exactly what I want to focus on. It often isn’t until I’m researching and making notes do I notice a trend or theme that keeps cropping up, that I finally narrow down my topic! It’s good that you’ve acknowledged your tendency to pick broad topics and that you’ve come up with a solution, I’m sure that makes selecting a topic a little easier!